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Monday, May 9th

And Beneath Such Quiet: The Elegy in the Modern World

2:00 pm – 2:50 pm  |  Location: Drexel Bookstore

From the ancient Greeks to Thomas Gray to Larry Levis, the Elegy is a poetic form that mourns the dead. In modern times, elegies have been written in response to major world events, such as the Holocaust and to express general feelings of loss and metaphysical grief. But in this new era of genre busting, elegies appear in art forms other than poetry. The panelists—a poet, fiction writer, visual artist and composer— will each discuss their use of the elegiac in their individual practice.

Panel Participants:

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Poety, University of Pennsylvania

Cheryl Sucher, Fiction Writer, author of The Rescue of Memory (Scribners)

Cheryl Levin, Artist

Bruce Kaminsky, Musician, Drexel University


Harriet Millan, Drexel University, Certificate Program in Writing and Publishing